Mako Hypercoaster Opens Up June 10 at SeaWorld Orlando

In my previous posts and if you’ve been following me for my enthusiasm and pride passion about the newest addition towards the SeaWorld coaster family of the tallest, fastest, and longest hypercoaster of Mako in Orlando. As I said it before, there aren’t really that many kinds of hypercoasters in the coaster market in the central Florida area that have the sense of weightlessness, speed, height and length to make you feel like your predator shark of Mako.

Yesterday was a media press and AP preview event and from a statement by SeaWorld Orlando President Donnie Mills in which he describes that “Mako and Shark Wreck Reef rewrite the definition of ‘immersive’ entertainment”. “Our guests now have a whole new underwater world to explore – and a thrilling new ride to conquer that’s literally breathtaking.”

(Source: Brevard Times)

In which he added about the conservation and educational factor about sharks around the Mako coaster that “As we designed and built this new realm, the educational component was a top priority,” said Mills. “We want guests to leave excited and exhilarated by what they experienced here, and we also want them to leave inspired by what they learned here. Sharks are in peril throughout the world and we can all do something about that -that’s our message.”


(Source: SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment)

I also forgot to talk about one other detail that I didn’t add in my previous posts about Mako which is the “Summer of Mako”. Running from June 10th- August 7th will be a summer event of different activities for guests and there families to explore, have fun, and be inspired by learning the protection of sharks and the ocean around us.

Celebrating the launch of Mako guests can experience a shark touch pool, interactive games, summer treats & food and much more for this summer. You can find out more information for “Summer of Mako” by this link here.


(Source: SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment)

I don’t know about you guys but I am so looking forward towards the official opening of Mako tomorrow!; cause this coaster is truly one of a kind that is original, innovated, beautiful, and educational too. For more of your thrills and the bite out of the wild side for SeaWorld Parks and theme park entertainment goodness, keep checking back here at!


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