Disneyland Paris Food & Beverages Pricing Surge For The Resort

As it shouldn’t come towards no surprise that price hikes are a common thing for Disney Parks globally. Recent as Walt Disney World saw a price hike for their food and beverages, that was scatted throughout the resort.

Now food and beverages for their pricing surge have made their way overseas at Disneyland Paris, as the folks over at DLP Report did a breakdown and here’s what they found in their findings on Monday.

Table Service Restaurants:

This was a 7%-12% increase in prices for table-service restaurants at the Paris resort.
Just a fellow clarification as Disneyland Paris did confirm, “Rest assured, the price increase won’t impact your meal plan. The menus & restaurants that were included when booking still are, without having to pay extra. You can check the restaurants included in your meal plan”.

The popular Walt’s – An American Restaurant located on Main Street, U.S.A., saw a 31% price increase from €42 to $55.Walt’s Menu: 55€ (+13€) / Children’s menu: 30€ (+8€)

Quick Service Restaurants:

This is an unfortunate move for those who are fellow dessert fans for this menu change and pricing is all kept the same.


Buffets that were originally €42 are now €45 as that is 3% increase.

The Greenwich Village Menu at the Manhattan Restaurant (located at Disney’s Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel) increased from €49 to €55. Lunch at the Plaza Garden Restaurant went from €38 to €45, an 18% price increase.

Avengers Campus Paris

As the recent new addition towards Walt Disney Studios Park for Avengers Campus Paris, also saw a slight increase for them as well. Here’s what was affected:


Although prices remained the same at quick service locations and for combo menus, neither of them include a dessert anymore. The price of drinks, such as Coca-Cola, increased to €4 – up €0.20 as an example.

Even though their has been some mixed reception for the price hikes but, as stated this normal for one the most well known European destinations in the world at Disneyland Paris. As this has been big overhaul for the Paris for price surging for their food & beverages, that they have seen in a long time for them.

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Source: DLP Report


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