The Incredible Hulk Redesigned Coaster Officially Opened Up Today At Islands of Adventure

If you’re not familiar of one of Universal Studios’ at Islands of Adventure of their most recognizable coasters in the theme park family and are a fan of Marvel well let me fill you in here. Well today, after its long term refurbishment since last year in September of the Incredible Hulk coaster is finally back and has opened up and yes we really did miss this giant big green guy. From everything from the queue line, the track, the coaster train, even incorporated soundtrack got all redesigned from scratch since before the coaster was in bad shape and was rough and needed an update.


-It has been consistently been testing during and after park hours, technical rehearsals, and earlier this week it’s run of soft openings. Here’s some new and unique things we learned from yesterday’s media press event at Islands of Adventure.

-It’s smoother and with more precision turns and hills with the G-force every time you ride it again and again.


-It has the longest displays of screens from the Incredible Hulk comics of the launch-tunnel with screens on both sides and pumping out gamma radiation in well…you don’t want to make him angry.


Artist Concept of the launch tunnel of the Incredible Hulk Coaster at Universal Studios’ at Islands of Adventure. Source: (© Universal Studios)

-Frontman singer/guitarist Patrick Stump of the popular, Pop-Rock/Alternative/Rock band Fall Out Boy that are one of my favorite bands that I grew up listening too did the soundtrack for the coaster. He did with a 75-piece orchestra that perfectly syncs with whole ride of the coaster! Stump was approached by Universal for the project and he was ecstatic about it according towards


-80% of the queue line is indoor air conditioning which wasn’t talked about during the media event and from someone who I know from word of mouth and very useful during those hot and humid Floridan days and nights.

The new redesigned indoor queue line for the Incredible Hulk Coaster at Universal Studios’ Islands of Adventure. Source: (© Attractions Magazine) via Twitter

-Also can I not mention how huge and all the Hulk statue is too?!


“Every ride is engineered to have a certain life,” “We feel this was the right time for us to completely change it over and enhance the experience.” said Thierry Coup, vice president of Universal Creative according towards the Orlando Sentinel.

Q & A Session with Thierry Coup (Vice President of Universal Creative) and Greg Hall (Universal Creative Senior Attraction Designer). Source: (© Inside The Magic)

For many coaster enthusiasts for a whole new redesigned and reimagined coaster for many more and futures to come that Hulk is the place to stay at Islands of Adventure. I am defiantly curious to give this giant green guy a whirl when I come back towards the parks at Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure this Fall. Make sure to Hulk Out! and everything else Universal Studios and other themed entertainment news, keep checking back here at


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