Steven Tyler’s Inappropriate Hand Gesture Gets Edited By Disney During Rock N’ Roller Coaster’s Pre Show

As someone like myself who likes to be “Living on The Edge” for roller coasters anytime I go to Disney, Rock N’ Roller Coaster is defiantly one of them as a top favorite of mine. Rock N’ Roller Coaster opened up on July 29th, 1999 where the classic rock band Aerosmith takes their fans in a super stretch limo and rushes them in order to make for their concert. Well 17 years later a discovery was founded in the pre show room in the queue before you jam it up with the band and flying at high speeds.


Reported by Inside the Magic as the source of it, a very close observation was noticed of Steven Tyler doing an inappropriate sexual hand gesture that he did being called “The Shocker” and in which you play with your Google if you don’t know what I mean. The clip in the pre show was “digitally altered” and was erased of that gesture without any comment from Disney as of right now for any updates.

In some background information that three tweets were sent out between 2014 and 2016 that three people on Twitter discovered Steven Tyler doing “The Shocker” hand gesture as it was reported by WZLX CBS Local News . So there could have been a fair chance that some people knew this ahead of time before it was discovered and the clip being edited by Disney at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Here’s the updated version in the pre show room on Rock N’ Roller Coaster via Ryan Kennedy on YouTube.

So what do I think of this whole situation? Clearly I didn’t catch that minor detail because I too focused on the pre show and just enjoying of what the band was talking about to get myself all amped up before going on the coaster. I have ridden Rock N’ Roller dozens of times even when I was younger and I didn’t even noticed of what the hand gesture meant till now 17 years later since this is the internet and social media generation. But now this modified small detail that Disney did was for them not looking bad as a company and not trying to offend people who someone caught onto this.

Ironically not too long ago, frontman and lead singer Steve Tyler of Aerosmith visited the attraction for his 68th birthday back in March at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and high fiving and taking photos and signing some autographs for his fans after doing Rock N’ Roller Coaster. If you don’t know what I am talking about, watch the video down below.

Rockstar Steven Tyler Celebrates Birthday at Walt Disney World

 Frontman and Lead Singer, Steven Tyler of famous classic rock band Aerosmith with his family on March 28th, 2016 for his 68th birthday. Source: (© Disney Parks Blog)

Frontman and Lead Singer, Steven Tyler getting off Rock N’ Roller Coaster and enjoying the day on his birthday back in March with his family and some of his fans.

Also a side note, Steven Tyler posted this photo a couple of hours ago on his via Twitter page of the whole edited hand gesture during the pre show.

So what do you guys think about the edited/alterted hand gesture being change during the pre show on Rock N’ Roller Coaster? Let me know in the comments section below, and for the “Same Old Story and Dance” and everything else Disney and other themed entertainment news, keep checking back here at


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