Universal Studios Orlando Are Planning Changes For There Passholders

Being any theme park fan that you spend your time and money’s worth for any park you frequently attend towards the most in a yearly cycle time period in being an annual passholder. Disney, Universal, Seaworld, etc that it can apply towards any of them as a passholder that you enjoy going towards the most in where ever your from.

Today, that Universal Orlando is planning and preparing “changes towards its passes and offering two levels of those with blackout dates instead of one” according towards the Orlando Sentinel. The Sentinel is also reporting that the Universal Orlando Blog had a blog post up this morning for a short amount of time and took it down, due to criticism about the new system.


Tom Schroder who is a Universal spokesman said about this in an email that ” We got a bit ahead of ourselves this morning – but stay tuned for all the details later this week”. The Universal Orlando Blog had no information about the pricing system but, did discuss of having four levels of passes in which right now has three pass levels. For example in which the “power pass” costs at $239.99 that has blackout dates in the summer, Christmas, and spring break. In which it is archness to help control the crowds during those times of the year and not to overcrowd the park.

The new system would lift those summer blackout dates and make it up to par like Disney did for there’s last year in October. Universal’s upcoming new system will also allow their guests too buy of a more expensive pass to allow access for early park admission. Like for example, able to ride and beat the lines like “Escape From Gringotts” at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Diagon Alley, “Skull Island: Reign of Kong” at Islands of Adventure etc.


The information site for Universal Orlando’s passholders still has the three pass level system, but I am expecting soon in the coming weeks that the site will be down for maintenance and have the updated four level tier system for the park. This new system is a bit of a touchy subject and some are happy about it and some are not, but I wanna hear your thoughts and comments down below about this guys.

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