Chairman & CEO Of The Walt Disney Company Bob Iger Is Open Towards Extended His Tenure

You may love him or may hate him for the head of The Walt Disney Company for Bob Iger since right now the company is in a difficult time since Iger’s co successor Tom Staggs was supposed to succeed Iger after his contract expires next year in 2018. Staggs unfortunately announced last year his removal and stepping down from the company and if you read that Variety interview with Iger in which he wanted Tom Staggs to stay.

Recently and according towards the LA Times that The Walt Disney Company was “open” towards the idea of Bob Iger staying longer after his contract. He commented on this during a conference call to discuss the company’ first fiscal quarter earnings and he said that: “I am going to do what is in the best interest of this company,” Iger said. “While I am confident that my successor is going to be chosen on a timely basis and chosen well, if it is in the best interest of the company for me to extend my term, I am open to that“.

Tom Staggs as Iger’s No. 2 man and in which he came after Disney’s board privately and expressed a lack of confidence in him, and carefully conducted his successor plans into the question. There are other open suggestions and possibilities that the company can explore different selected candidates outside of the company such as NBC Universal’s Steve Burke for example for a obvious choice. Staggs was part of the company for 26 years before his painful departure with Iger and rest of the board of directors.


The Walt Disney Company is the owner of the most blockbuster selling franchises from Marvel, Pixar, and Star Wars and have been held responsible for box office crushing results for these three separate IPs the company utilizes.

Only time will tale if the company is still open up towards the idea of Iger extending his contract after 2018 and my own personal suggestion would be the company’s first female CEO and Lucasfilm President of Kathleen Kennedy since she handles the company’s business side and organizes it very well.


Bob Iger announced the openings earlier this week, for Pandora at Disney’s Animal Kingdom and the Star Wars expansions at the Disney Parks in California and Florida to open up in the year of 2019 and Pandora this coming May 27th, 2017. He also helped the company’s $5.5 billion dollar investment in the mainland of China at Shanghai Disneyland for almost a thousand acres.

So what are your suggestions about this matter and for Iger being open and in the best interest of the company if he does stay? Leave it down in the comments section below! For everything Disney and all other themed entertainment news, keep checking back here at


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