Television Spot For Pandora: The World Of Avatar At Disney’s Animal Kingdom

The Walt Disney World Resort lately has been heavily marketing and pushing the advertisements for the grand opening of Pandora: The World of Avatar from James Cameron’s hit successful film from 2009.

The expansion at Disney’s Animal Kingdom is set to debut this May 27th, 2017 and Director/Creator James Cameron in this television spot that was shown during The Oscars on ABC last night to give guests another small teaser preview in what to expect. Disney has released previous teaser spots if or got to chance to see them on TV during your favorite show and can find them on there via Twitter account.

This spot shows and is one of few it’s new attractions of, Avatar Flight of Passage and taking the ride behind a Banshee and exploring the planet of Pandora. Other attractions will be Na’vi River Journey and taking a boat journey through the bioluminescent of extraterrestrial wildlife and mysterious creatures.

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