Tokyo Disneyland Breaks Ground For Fantasyland Expansion At The Tokyo Disney Resort

The Disney Asian Parks have a lot new things in the works right now as they are bringing newly immersive expansions scattered through out Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Tokyo. Today coming out from the Disney Parks Blog in which a exciting update at the Tokyo Disney Resort at Tokyo Disneyland is about to received a new expansion at the park.

Just to bring you up to speed in which the Disney Asian Parks for their projects as of right now are from the following.

Shanghai Disneyland’s first expansion of a Toy Story Land opening up next year in 2018, Hong Kong Disneyland is redesigning a brand new castle and more themed expansions and entertainment from Disney animation towards Marvel and more as a multi-year expansion through 2023, and today for the Tokyo Disneyland’s next expansion of breaking ground development set to open up around the Tokyo Summer Games in 2020. This will also be the same year once Nintendo opens up at Universal Studios Japan and with no given date for when Hollywood and Orlando will receive the Nintendo-IP coming towards their parks.

Today in which the ceremony was hosted by the president of Oriental Land Co., Ltd., with help from our pals Mickey and Minnie, and the development is lauded as the resort’s biggest investment since the grand opening of Tokyo DisneySea in 2001. The company has full 100% ownership over the park and the resort pays Disney for a licensing fee for their names and characters, and all of the attractions designed by Walt Disney Imagineers.

This development will bring immersive new offerings for guests of all ages. In Fantasyland, a breathtaking “Beauty and the Beast”-inspired area will transport you into Belle’s quaint village complete with a new attraction, merchandise location and restaurant. You can catch a glimpse of your favorite characters from the beloved film and brave the Beast’s Castle. You can also enjoy live performances at a dedicated indoor theater.

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Artist Concept Only for the next Fantasyland expansion at Tokyo Disneyland set to open up around the Tokyo Summer Games in 2020. Source: (©Disney)

For the first time, you can step into the world of everyone’s favorite robot and ‘personal healthcare companion,’ Baymax, on an attraction inspired by “Big Hero 6” in Tomorrowland. And you’ll be able to walk through Minnie’s design studio in Toontown before meeting the glamorous mouse herself.

Since recently in which attendance dropped at the Tokyo Disney Resort at Tokyo DisneySea and Toyko Disneyland by 0.6 percent to a little more than 30 million according towards The Hollywood Reporter.

This development is just in the early stages for construction and adding new ways for exciting new themed entertainment and experiences for Disney guests from all across the world. More will to come and stayed posted on the Disney Parks Blog for more coverage about the Disney Asian Parks.

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