Another Close Up Look For TapuTapu Wrists Bands For Volcano Bay

We are coming really close towards the grand opening of Universal Orlando’s first and third water theme park, of Volcano Bay opening up on May 25th, 2017. Today in which Universal Orlando shared some more in depth details of the the TapuTapu wristbands that will be kinda like Disney’s Magicband expect they’ll be using for their virtual queue system of the water park.

Here’s more of what you can about the wristbands and benefits if your planning to have a soakin wild and a good time at Volcano Bay! With no hassles or stress about standing in long lines for your favorite attractions, no wallets or credit cards, or even those locker keys that can be easily lost and hard to replace.

-TapTu Pay: You can make purchases within Volcano Bay that can be wearable on your wrist.


-TapTu Snap and My Universal Photo Access: Special interactive photo opps and selfie-spots through out the park on selected Volcano Bay attractions. Your band will be linked automatically towards your account for photos to purchase, view, and share them whenever you want.


-Virtual Line: Spend your time elsewhere in the park while you wait for your time to ride one of the park’s attractions. The wristband will alert you when your wait time is over with. This system is the same for the recently opening of Race Through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon for Universal Orlando of the virtual queuing system.

VolcanoBay_marketing_Tiki_Time-2 (1)

-TapTu Play: Special interactive effects and features that are showcased through out the whole park like revealing hidden images in the volcano’s cave or shooting water canons at guests who aren’t paying attention.

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NOTE: You do NOT need a free account to take advantage of TapTu Play, Virtual Line, TapTu Snap or Locker Access. But you DO need it to have a digital ticket and to enable TapTu Pay.

We are really close towards the grand opening of this highly anticipated water theme park right around the corner and just before the holiday weekend next week of what Universal Creative has came up with. From sipping refreshing cocktails or diving into some of the mouth water food or just enjoying the scenic views of the park and Krakatau of Volcano Bay is what this water theme park can offer.

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