Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights Merchandise Will Make You’re Wallet Scream

Halloween Horror Nights is approaching pretty quickly and what better way in being part of the event’s fandom is by checking out this year’s merchandise that is only exclusive towards the event!

So hope you got you’re money saved up because, you probably want everything for these items that are only sold at Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Parks & Resorts for Universal Orlando and soon at Universal Studios Hollywood and Singapore.

Stranger Things Exclusive Merch-

The mega hit series on the streaming service for Netflix for Stranger Things will be the biggest property that the event has acquired the rights for. If you’re a fan of the fandom, be prepared to “freak out” for these items ranging from; sweatshirts, phone cases, mugs, pins, and more. From the vicious teeth of the Demogorgon, Eleven and her group of friends, from the golden arches at Universal Studios in the Upside Down world, will be tailored towards any Stranger Things fan for their merchandise needs.

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Source: (©Universal Orlando)

Collect the event’s favorite fiends-

This year’s event is taking all the iconic slashers, creatures, and terrors and putting them on the merch that the fans treasure and love to take home with them. The event’s design will display a montage from of all the IP houses from; Stranger ThingsPoltergeist,Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myersand Trick ‘r Treat. They will be displayed on sweatshirts, t-shirts, mugs, and more.

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Annual Passholder Exclusives-

Universal Orlando Annual Passholders always get the love for Halloween Horror Nights or Universal Orlando in general. Show off you’re UOAP pride with this rotten jack-o-latern t-shirt and pin.


Source: (©Universal Orlando)

Halloween Horror Nights Specialty Items-

Some favorite goodies are coming this year and are brand new for this year’s Halloween Horror Nights that you can only find in-park. The return of the hand painted skulls are returning back towards the tribute store and for the first time ever, will be a poster and a t-shirt of the scare zones being offered this year.

Also, something very exciting for the fans and in which the merch teams has never done before in the course history of the event- U Design presents Horror Ink. Guests will have able to customize and choose over 25 designs for t-shirts to be printed on demand and giving them the endless possibilities to personally tailor towards them. The designs will feature characters from the event’s haunted houses and scare zones for fun designs, including 80’s throwback ones. You can purchase these exclusive designs from the tribute store or at the Men in Black store for the custom shirt.

These brand new HHN items will be available throughout the event’s run from Sept. 14-Nov. 3, that will be located by the tribute store just outside of the Revenge of the Mummy attraction, the main Universal Studios Store and selected merchandise carts scattered through out the park.

Spooky time is almost here at Universal Parks & Resorts! To find out more about the event for ticket and other information, by visiting Halloween Horror Night’s official site by clicking the link here.

For everything Universal Parks & Resorts and this year’s Halloween Horror Nights, keep checking back here at SkywalkingAdventure.com

Source: Universal Orlando Resort


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