Maleficent Dragon Float Is Making Her Comeback Towards Festival Of Fantasy At Walt Disney World

One of fan favorite Disney parades at the Walt Disney World Resort is no other than the Festival of Fantasy parade that was first introduced back in 2014. One of the most visually stunning parade floats was the steampunk style of the Maleficent Dragon from the Disney animated film of “Sleeping Beauty”.  This float was next level of Disney entertainment and actually blew a small burst of fire and a safe distance away from the other parade floats.

However, last year in May the parade float took a complete 180 and burst into a fireball of flames and badly damaging the parade float. No guests were injured and park operations were able to contain and control the situation. It went viral from so many guests capturing the incident all over social media.

Check it down below from Instagram user, hollyer.

Disney has now officially announced, after one year later today that the Maleficent Dragon is making her comeback today! She will be retaking her place back in the parade with increased safety upgrades and a complete rework she has gotten done. A fresh new look has been applied to her, and well…it’s good to see her back and has been the talk of the town.

Check out the video down below for her grand entrance!


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Source: Disney


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