First Hand Look: Cast Members Deciding Roles At Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

In this next section for covering Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, we’ll be taking a look at the cast members who will be immersing you’re Star Wars experience when visiting Black Spire Outpost.

If you didn’t catch of what food and beverages will be available at Black Spire Outpost and can visit the post by clicking here.

Cast members at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World will able to decide roles and suit up for work. They can either can become villagers of Black Spire Outpost or decide if they wanna join the Resistance or pledge their allegiance towards the First Order.

Here’s what Portfolio Creative Executive, Scott Trowbridge from Walt Disney Imagineering had to say about the costumes for the cast members:

“This guiding principle led a team of costumers, buyers and artists to create dozens of styles for Cast working on Batuu. Outside of the, well, orderly First Order, the costumes for members of the Resistance and, particularly the villagers, will be as varied as the Cast Members themselves. Different styles and colors for pants and shirts, and optional accessories like scarves, hats and even necklaces, will allow Cast to mix and match to create individualize their part of our Star Wars story.”

Take a closer look of what each of the cast members will be suited up as:

The Resistance:

“Resistance costumes are rugged, military-inspired uniforms, with a soft, well-used feel. Vests and jackets feature patch details inspired by communicators worn in the films, and there is an optional hat to protect from the elements.”

The First Order:

“This costume is a powerful, charcoal grey military-style uniform with structured shoulders taken directly from the looks we’ve seen on screen. In stark contrast to the other costumes seen on the planet of Batuu, First Order costumes are pristine, polished and orderly. General Hux would have it no other way.”


Will you support the Resistance or fight for the First Order? Source: (©Disney/©Lucasfilm)

Cast members will also be outfitted towards two of the attractions at the park for, the “Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run” and “Rise of the Resistance” Check it down below from this week, and photos from Attractions Magazine.

Black Spire Outpost Villagers:

“The village costume collection is comprised of multiple shirts, bottoms and vests for tons of mix and match options to suit preference and personality. There is also a suite of accessories including scarves, necklaces, hats and a versatile pouch to further customize their look.”

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Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge will be opening up in June 2019 at Disneyland and Late Fall 2019 at Walt Disney World.

When visiting Batuu, what will you’re fate decide in a galaxy far, far away. Next up we will be covering the shops and merchandise you can purchase at Black Spire Outpost with you’re galactic credits.

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Source: Disney


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