Disney Announces More Entertainment Fun For Lighting McQueen’s Racing Academy Coming Towards Disney Hollywood Studios

Lighting McQueen’s Racing Academy will be officially opening up towards racing fans soon on March 31, 2019 at Disney’s Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World. When Lighting McQueen’s Racing Academy opens up from Disney•Pixar’s “Cars” will be offering some more entertainment fun, just outside of the Sunset Showcase theater before you enter the academy.


Guests can start meeting Piston Cup Champion, Cruz Ramirez soon at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  (Source: ©Disney•Pixar)

Guests can take photo ops with Piston Cup Champion, Cruz Ramirez with all of her fans and “DJ” will be hitting the road on Route 66 from Disney California Adventure towards Disney’s Hollywood Studios. “DJ” will be bringing the party towards guests with his music mix to turn things up!


“DJ” is making his long journey from California towards Florida to be part of Lighting McQueen’s pit crew. (Source: ©Disney•Pixar)

“DJ’s Ready! Set! Party Time!” will be playing several times daily, as Lighting McQueen’s pit crew with entertaining and themed “Cars”-inspired dances and games.

Get ready to start your engines on March 31, 2019 when Lighting McQueen’s Racing Academy opens up towards his fans!

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Source: Disney


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