Disneyland Paris Cancels And Postponed Some Of Their Live Entertainment Shows At The Resort

Disneyland Paris just reopened up their doors on July 15th as it was all smooth sailing until two of their live entertainment shows for “Jungle Book Jive” and “The Lion King: Rhythms of the Pride Lands” at both Disneyland Paris and Walt Disney Studios Park have now been cancelled for the remainder of the season. Disney officials previously announced that “The Lion King” Rhythms of the Pride Lands” returned back on August 15th, then shortly later on August 25th was on temporary suspended due towards tech issues and then put on hold until a decision was made.

Source: (©Disney)

“Jungle Book Jive” on the other hand had a delay till August 21st, after being reported from a Disneyland Paris fan site Loopings that two performers were tested positive for the virus and were sent home. The entire performing team were sent home as a precaution to self-quarantine for 14-days that put a hold on the show at Disneyland Paris.

Both of these show had a limited run for the course of the summer months in hoping to draw in attendance due towards the pandemic as both parks were facing low attendance and was quiet.

Source: (©Disney)

Also for Walt Disney Studios Park has postponed (till further notice) of their new “Disney Junior Live!” stage show that was expected to be opening up earlier this year. It was subject to take over Studio D as the this new show was facing some previous setbacks at the parks for the debut premiere. No mention of when it will debut officially by Disney since the resort is facing the main priority of health and safety for their guests with this global health crisis we are currently in.

Artist Concept Only for “Disney Junior Live!” coming to Disneyland Paris Resort. Source: (©Disney)

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Source: WDWNT


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