Hong Kong Government Officials Share An Update About The Status Of Hong Kong Disneyland’s Reopening

Hong Kong Disneyland was disrupted by another spike of COVID-19 cases within the Hong Kong region and made the resort to close down again on July 15th, as before hand it didn’t last long of it’s first reopening on June 18th after being closed for a very long time period back in January of this year.

Hong Kong Disneyland’s reopening back in June 2020. Source: (© AFP photo)

Government officials are expected to make an update next week Friday to provide a status update if the resort is allow to resume operations and with close monitoring of how this pandemic is doing for Hong Kong. As of recent that the government had to provide a financial bailout for both Hong Kong Disneyland and Ocean Park from being reported by local sources and “maybe to allow to reopen up on September 18th”. A Disney spokesperson hasn’t fully officially commented on reopening date as it’s not been posted by the park’s official site or social media accounts.

“Unless the epidemic situation takes a sudden downturn, the Government expects to issue new directions in the next phase to re-open catering and scheduled premises (including theme parks, exhibition venues, swimming pools, bathhouses, party rooms, bars and pubs, karaoke establishments, clubs or nightclubs, etc.) which we have not been able to re-open due to the higher infection risk,” the government said in a statement.

Source: (©Disney)

The country also provided an update for “relaxation measures” on Tuesday for activities such as:

“The ending of a ban on public groups of more than two people, and its replacement with a maximum of four people; an increase in the number of persons allowed to be seated together at one table to four in catering premises; re-opening some sports premises; and the re-opening of some entertainment premises. Cinemas have already reopened.”

Hong Kong is dealing with a third wave of the outbreak pandemic for cases and virus clusters as of currently reported just six new infections on Tuesday, taking the number of cases to 4,896 in the territory. The death toll stands at 96.

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Source: Variety


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