Disneyland Officially Reopens Up As First Hand Guests And Company Leadership Share Their Magical Moments

After a very long a year closure (412 days) that Disneyland Resort officially reopened up today!! The resort and it’s theme parks have shared it’s hardships for it’s long road since last year for the road of reopening and the moment finally arrived today.

Die-hard fans were awaiting park opening before the gates officially opened up around 9am PST and this morning as company leadership was joined by; Chairman & CEO of Disney, Bob Chapek, former CEO and Executive Chairman, Bob Iger, Chairman of Disney Parks & Resorts, Experiences and Products, Josh D’Amaro and Disneyland President Ken Potrock for the historical reopening.

Chapek said during the morning reopening speech as it’s time “to bring back the magic” as you can watch his speech down below:

Guests flocked to both to Disneyland and Disney California Adventure as it felt like when Disneyland first opened up it’s gates back in July 1955 from all over the famous attractions from the Main Street train station, Big Thunder Mountain and next door for Pixar Pier. Even cast members applause and welcome their guests back to freely roam the grounds to help prevent crowding issues.

Disneyland can so far be only visited with SoCal residents based off the California Department of Health guidelines with the state and up to 25% “for now at least”. Theme park tickets and a reservation are the only way to get in (recommended for photo ID as well, since the resort said they “might check ID” for those who are a SoCal resident) and Disney is also encouraging the usage of mobile ordering to help remain contactless as possible with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Announcements were made on the overhead speakers to remind their guests to wear their masks including hand washing stations and designated eating areas marked throughout the parks.

Universal Studios Hollywood and SeaWorld San Diego are so far the only two SoCal theme parks to now “allow outsiders from California” to visit their theme parks and are full vaccinated with ticket sales. The other systems for Maxpass and Fastpass have been “suspended until further notice” to avoid long queue lines. However though, for the highly popular attraction for Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance will be using Walt Disney World’s boarding group system for the distribution times and can be read upon here.

Here’s some of the company execs thoughts in their statements for Disneyland reopening up:

Disneyland President, Ken Porock sharing his happiness for cast members and guests back to Disneyland! (https://www.instagram.com/kenpotrock/?hl=en)
Disney Parks & Resorts, Experiences and Products who is beyond humbled for cast members and sharing his love and appreciation for the reopening of Disneyland

“I spent a lot of time here in my life. This last year without it was really hard,” said guest Cara Beigel while fighting back tears. “And I walked in, and it’s just — I’m home. It is just so good to be back” who is a California local resident.

Orange County CEO Frank Kim said the theme park’s reopening “is a good sign for Orange County heading into the summer months. We’re starting to see the benefits of widespread vaccination of California as a whole. … We think it’s a good opportunity to start reintegrating those elements of our economy. … We’re a tourism-based economy and we need to find a way to safely reopen those opportunities to recover.”

For what it is worth it feels very very good to see Disneyland Resort back online and to thrive the local economy and able to recovery to boost up tourism, when Disney is able to allow outsiders to come to California.

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Source: Disney, ABC 7


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