Disney Shares A First Hand Look For Avengers Campus Cast Member Costumes

As new recruits are highly anticipating the opening of the Avengers Campus on June 4th at Disney California Adventure as Disney shared a first hand look for the heroic like cast member costumes!

Source: (©Disney/Marvel)

Cast members for the campus will have an unique look towards them and will be called “Campus Representatives” and the costumes they wear are inspired by each individual address within the campus. These looks were created to be cool and comfortable, while helping to ground guests in the immersive storytelling of the land.

“Our cast members play a unique part in the guest experience,” said Joe Kucharski, senior costume designer. “These costumes are designed to help them embody their role in this epic story.”

Campus representatives will have a role throughout the expansion from attractions, food and beverage and more with some pretty clever designs behind them. For instance for WEB Slingers and WEB Suppliers to feature modern, techy emblems and materials made of lightweight, breathable fabrics with stretch for movement and flexibility.

Source: (©Disney/Marvel)

The general campus outfits for cast members will be cargo bottoms, a training shirt and a tactical-inspired vest that are comfortable, lightweight and breathable, so cast can be ready to take on any mission that comes their way.

Source: (©Disney/Marvel)

Doctor Strange cast member followers at the Ancient Sanctum will be inspired by the Marvel character and to have a dramatic silhouette with rich textures and sewing techniques inspired by the Mystic Arts.

Source: (©Disney/Marvel)

Now for food and beverage cast representatives will be a different look for them. Fellow assistants of Dr. Pym from Marvel Studios’s “Ant-Man and the Wasp” at Pym’s Test Kitchen” and even to feature “Impossible foods”. With a Pym pocket protector, lab coat, hat and tie and giving a nod to the growing and shrinking science used to create shareable bites and sweets at this location, these costumes feature a large “Pym Particle” on the hat and much smaller pattern on the tie.

Source: (©Disney/Marvel)

Food carts for both the Shawarma Palace and Terran Treats will have colorful outfits even from the Shawarma inspired from New York City food carts and Terran from “Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout!”, as the anchor attraction that was previously at the park before the expansion.

Source: (©Disney/Marvel)

Check out the video down below for cast members in their outfits!

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Source: Disney


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