Tokyo DisneySea Fantasy Springs Project Delayed Till Spring 2024, New Area Names Announced

The Oriental Land Company has announced some good and bad news for their massive Fantasy Springs project, coming towards Tokyo DisneySea. The good part is that they released the area names, updated concept art and the bad part that it’s now delayed till Spring 2024 (first half of the fiscal year 2024). As this expansion will be the new port for certain Disney worlds inspired from Walt Disney Animation Studios films from “Frozen”, “Peter Pan” and “Tangled. The tentative investment amount is about 320 billion yen (around $2.18 billion USD) for the development area of 140,000 square meters.

Here’s a new updated look from the concept that the OLC Ltd. released and what to expect for the update timeframe year:

Frozen Kingdom

Set after the events of the Disney Animation film Frozen, Frozen Kingdom is full of happiness now that Queen Elsa has embraced her powers to create ice and snow. The Kingdom of Arendelle has been returned to its former glory and guests can visit while immersing themselves in a festive mood. At the far end of the village are towering snowcapped mountains with several cascading waterfalls. In the distance, near the summit of North Mountain, Elsa’s ice palace glistens proudly, covered in snow. This will be one of many “Frozen” themed expansions at Disney Parks globally, also to be featured coming to both Disneyland Paris and Hong Kong Disneyland as well.

Source: (©Disney)

Peter Pan’s Neverland

In Peter Pan’s Never Land, where the world of the Disney Animation film Peter Pan unfolds, guests become a member of the Lost Kids, a group of fun-loving, adventurous and energetic children. Here, guests can explore a pirate ship, dine in a secret hideaway, confront pirates with their friends and enjoy great adventures in Never Land. They can also visit Pixie Hollow, the fairy valley where Tinker Bell lives.

Source: (©Disney)
Source: (©Disney)

Rapunzel’s Forest

Rapunzel’s Forest brings to life the world of the Disney Animation film Tangled. In the valley rises the tower where the long-haired princess Rapunzel has lived since she was a child. At night, the entire forest is bathed in warm light emanating from Rapunzel’s tower, lamps lining the paths, glowing restaurant and boathouse windows and lanterns hanging from the boats.

Source: (©Disney)

Tokyo DisneySea Fantasy Springs Hotel

Tokyo DisneySea Fantasy Springs Hotel will be the sixth Disney hotel in Japan, and will be situated near the magical spring in Fantasy Springs. Paintings depicting Disney Princesses as well as floral motifs can be seen throughout the interior of the hotel, allowing the world of Fantasy Springs to continue from the Park to the hotel. The hotel is comprised of 419 “deluxe-type” rooms. In addition, there are 56 “luxury-type” rooms, offering guests the finest accommodation experience at Tokyo Disney Resort. Also will offer with 2 restaurants, lobby lounge, parking and will be about 100,000 square meters for the hotel/theme park area.

Source: (©Disney)
Source: (©Disney)

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Source: Tokyo Disney Resort


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