Skywalking Adventure Can Now Be Founded On Periscope

The Twitter owned live streaming platform of Periscope and the latest update of changing your username is now available through your edit profile option. My blog of Skywalking Adventure can allow followers and theme park goers to see through and behind the screen of touring and adventuring through different parks. You can follow my Periscope account @SkywalkingAdventure for professional use only and you can also follow my personal and leisure account @SkywalkerBrian.

Even though my blog is just starting out, I still want to make the proper impression for separating the two accounts and giving you all the latest insights and news coverage of the happenings, through out the themed entertainment world. Also the cloud storage system of is no longer available for service use, due to investment funding where normally you have your Periscopes saved and can watch them on replay. Replays will watchable up towards for 24 hours till it’s expired since is going away and back towards normal scoping usage.

Be sure to follow all the latest news and coverage and follow my blog on Periscope for all theme park entertainment goodness and awesomeness!!




2 thoughts on “Skywalking Adventure Can Now Be Founded On Periscope

  1. I finally found you Brian! It was super hard, but finally! I’m so happy you have this blog and we are so grateful for this! Thank you!
    Melanie Durham
    Melanie_Mouse (aka donnymelanie@verizon on periscope).


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