Top 5 Reasons To Be Excited For Mako (Coaster) at SeaWorld Orlando

In this day and age anticipation for attractions or things your looking forward towards the most comes in different levels, mildly excited, can’t wait no much longer, and I am so beyond stoked and just let me ride it already!, type of deal here. What I am talking about here is a brand new coaster coming this summer on June 10th at SeaWorld in the central area of Florida in Orlando. It’s called Mako, a hyper coaster built by Bolliger & Mabillard and it’s a truly remarkable and one of it’s kind of thrill ride that, coaster enthusiasts or adrenaline junkies should check out. The announcement of this coaster by SeaWorld Parks was announced back in April 2015 and since then progress has came a long way and far from it of building this original and innovated type of coaster. Here is my top 5 reasons you should be excited and anticipated for Mako this summer.


5.) Passholders and Not the General Public: Being an annual passholder towards one of your favorite parks has it’s perks and benefits. I am not a passholder towards SeaWorld Orlando but if your a local or out of state passholder, you should defiantly utilize this chance for beating out the public crowds before it officially opens up on June 10th. No word or set date for potential soft openings yet for Mako but according towards the SeaWorld Orlando’s site that, passholders are the first to ride it and purchasing a pass by May 20th.

SeaWorld Orlando: Mako Coaster Information

4.) Theming, Detail & Aquatic Life Education: Mako is no question in my mind an attraction piece of art that, fits into the theming and accuracy of a real life Mako species of sharks out in the wild. SeaWorld is not all about attracting there guests towards the parks for the rides but, to educated them about the importance of different species of sharks and the beauty and significance of aquatic life that is important towards the world and environment. The details of coaster train is exactly like the Mako shark that can gain up to speeds up towards 70-75 mph, a truly bullet like type of an animal to hunt and survive in the wild.



3.) Joining the ranks of it’s other coaster counter parts (Kraken & Manta): The two other popular and big named coasters in the coaster community in SeaWorld are Kraken and Manta. Mako coming down the line will joining the ranks for thrill seekers and personally giving the park more life and content for there guests to keeping riding the big three coasters to ride, scream, and repeat.


Manta at SeaWorld Orlando.
Kraken and Manta Steel Coasters (SeaWorld Orlando)

Sources: (TheTopVillas &

2.) Length, Weightlessness, and It’s Huge!: When Mako officially opens up on June, it will be no doubt the tallest, fastest, and longest coaster in competition with other coasters in Orlando. The coaster’s track is 4,760 feet long and peaks out around at 200 feet high and reaching speeds of up to 73 mph. That is also throwing different hills of hang time of 9 different hills giving you that feeling of weightlessness and 2Gs all up in your face! It’s most unique feature of a hill is a “Hammerhead Turn” with a tight U shaped right turn and will ride with hills and hills and so many hills till it’s return back to the station. There is also a chance and possibility for a built in soundtrack for the coaster itself but, we must wait and see that if that’s true or not this upcoming summer.

It will be located near the Shark Encounter Aquarium, sharked themed grill restaurant which is called Shark Wreck Reef.

(Virtual Animated POV of Mako Coaster)

Source: (SeaWorld Parks)

(Real Life POV of Mako Coaster)

Source: (ThemeParkReview)

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Concept Art Source and Aerial Shot Source: (SeaWorld Parks)

1.) The next native of Orlando coasters in the area: There isn’t really that many kinds or types of coasters that are long, fast and tall as Mako will be, opening up next month. Some are comparing Mako being similar towards another coaster in Six Flags Great Adventure called Nitro. I have been waiting a whole long year and where the credit’s worth due that, the construction team that assembled this wonder of beauty and art has finally came to end where it’s assembled and ready for opening day in June. There isn’t really many coasters that I get highly excited for these days and one of them that I love and adore still day is another hyper coaster in Busch Gardens Williamsburg called Apollo’s Chariot. Speed, hills and screams enough said.

This will be a tough choice once I get the bite and thrill of the wild side once Mako opens up cause, this isn’t opened up yet and I am beyond stoked and ready to ride this innovative and creative design hyper coaster. Also looking forwards towards the creative talents and photos with the Mako skyline and the sunset in the background and looking so beautiful and glory once you drive down Florida’s highway of I-4 and seeing the hill of the Mako peeking up towards the clouds.

So what you guys think? Do these top 5 reasons excite you or get you all ready and pumped up in riding this newly creative coaster towards SeaWorld Orlando? Or will you just let the crowds die down on opening day and avoid it and ride it in your spare time? Let me know down in the comments section below and all of your Mako “biting” action and other themed entertainment goodness can be found on here on


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