Official Trailer Release For Beauty and the Beauty (2017)


After just waking up from bed and grabbing myself a morning cup of coffee, and all of a sudden boom!, the official full length trailer of the upcoming live action adaption of Beauty and the Beast (2017) was released on ABC’s Good Morning America. I’ve literally watched the trailer about 3-4 times or more by now and as my love for Hermione Granger (Emma Watson) as Belle in the post Harry Potter franchise that she strikes the resemblance as her. I mean come on guys and just look down below in the images for how she looks!!

I do love this classic fairytale and seeing earlier films like for example, the French-English subtitle of La Belle Et La Bete (1946) by director Jean Cocteau made me appreciate the story even a bit more when I was taking film classes in college.

So what you guys think? Does this trailer look promising and the nostalgia music and set designs from the animated film? Or you just waiting it out for more information later on? For all of your enchanting fairytales and other themed entertainment news, be sure to spread your pixie dust and latest news and coverage only here at




belle emma



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