Mako Currently Under Going Soft Openings at SeaWorld

As you guys may know me or not but, yes I am absolutely obsessed over the newest coaster addition towards SeaWorld Orlando for Mako a brand new hypercoaster. This ongoing weekend has been some testing and soft openings for Mako and some of the things I’ve been seeing on social media have been quite impressive. Some examples down below.

The lines weren’t hardly no wait times or 10 mins or less to ride Mako but, some minor problems like the coaster train being stuck before entering the train station for example are reasons why they are testing. The queue line however I am thoroughly most impressed with. The design is like a shipwreck/boardwalk type of theme and literally you feel like the actual shark before riding the actual coaster. Another is when your inside the train station and you see silhouette projections that change colors of Mako sharks before and after a coaster train leaves.

Keep in mind that it will not be open up all day and only for a couple hours to ride Mako and best to be in the park during the day to have a chance riding it. You must also have a ticket to be purchased to be illegible and qualify to ride Mako by the entrance of the park.

Mako is set to officially open up on June 10th a week from now with a 3 day media preview and if you don’t have any weekend plans or during the week go ahead and ride the fastest and tallest coaster in the Orlando area!




 (Source: @Jameselly7)


(Source: @MidwayMayhem)

(Source: Theme Park Review)


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