Testing For Soft Openings For “Skull Island: Reign of Kong” at Universal Studios Orlando

King Kong fans! The hype train is over with as the walls officially came down overnight into this morning for “Skull Island: Reign of Kong”. As of an update that team members were able to preview and experience the horrors of Skull Island and the guardian of the island, Kong himself yesterday from 4pm-midnight EST.

Reviews so far have been good and bad from what I’ve been reading all over the internet and social media. No word “as of” right now being said for how long the ride will be up and running for through out the course of the soft openings cause of ongoing testing for Kong.

Universal hasn’t officially announced a opening date for Kong but there is a scheduled media date on June 22nd-June 24th. Here’s some of the media from all of the action that was captured today for the soft openings for Reign of Kong. Kong fans can follow the hashtags on social media by using #ReignofKong, #SkullIsland, #KingKong, and #ChanceofReign.

For all of your monkeying around business and wanna encounter banana breath and other theme park goodness, keep checking back here over at SkywalkingAdventure.com


(Source: Inside The Magic)

(Source: Inside The Magic)


(Source: @JonBusdeker via Twitter)

(Source: Attractions Magazine via Twitter)

(Source: InsideTheMagic.net)

NOTE: These media images and videos are for representation use only, and I don’t own any of these and all sole credit are towards those who I linked in this article here for Reign of Kong. If you also want **SPOILERS** and be advised, click this link right here for information about the queue line and the attraction itself:



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