Halloween Returns Back To Haddonfield For Halloween Horror Nights

Michael Myers or as know the killer that cannot die is making his infamous return back for HHN 26 at Universal Studios Orlando. The famous movie franchise of “Halloween” was first introduced back in HHN 24 and fans were delighted and it was a huge hit for that season.

For this season Mike Myers is returning back for this house in John Carpenter’s 1981 sequel of “Halloween II” and this time you’ll be facing him in the Haddonfield Memorial Hospital where the movie took place. Fans know that they wanna continue the legacy and story of the “Halloween” films and from the previous season in 2014 where the “Halloween” house was first introduced.


Source: (© Universal Orlando Blog)

“Just like the movies, we’ve been inspired to continue the story. You’ll experience the final scene of 2014’s maze and immediately walk in-between the homes of Haddonfield. You’ll be attacked by Myers the entire way before seeking refuge within the hospital. We’re recreating all the iconic events from the story, including Myers’ fiery “end”” according to Michael Aiello from the Universal Orlando Blog.

The creators who did the “Halloween” house in 2014 are back again in collaboration Malek Akkad, the producer of many different installments of the “Halloween” franchise. Hell is no doubt returned back towards Haddonfield in facing one of the top horror icons of Michael Myers.

So are you guys ready and prepared in going back towards Haddonfield once again? Let me know down below in the comments section below. For all of your slasher and thrilling horror news and other themed entertainment keep checking back here at SkywalkingAdventure.com


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