Skull Island: Reign of Kong Officially Opens Up Today

From the numerous soft openings, technical rehearsals from recent weeks ago, the anticipation of Skull Island: Reign of Kong has finally and officially opened up today. A very special showing of NBC’s The Today Show debuted this morning with Al Roker and talking about the latest and newest addition towards the Universal theme park family. Located near Cartoon Lagoon and Jurassic Park at Islands of Adventure, this 3D and animatronic attraction will place guests in the Eight Wonder Expedition and facing the creatures and terrors that lurk on Skull Island.

Reign of Kong was suppose to have it’s official media dates of the opening of Kong on June 22nd-24th but due towards and my respects and thoughts of the Orlando shootings those dates were cancelled until today was the grand opening. On a lighter note that Reign of Kong is the upgrade from the previous Kong that was unfortunately burnt down recent years ago at Universal Studios Hollywood in a fire incident. This attraction is one of the newest and “must dos” for this summer or any time year around to check out and here is some of captures on social media via Twitter from this morning of the grand opening ceremony of Skull Island: Reign of Kong. For all of your monkeying around business and everything else Universal and for more themed entertainment news, keep checking back here at


Grand Opening Cermony For Annual Passholders For Skull Island: Reign of Kong Source: (©Attractions Magazine)


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