Brand New Disneyland Security Checkpoints Set To Open Up Thursday

Being reported last month from The Orange County Register that the Disneyland Resort would be expanding there security checkpoint area near the Mickey & Friends parking lot and the border of the Downtown Disney District area too before taking a tram towards the parks. They are set to open up tomorrow and from what the OC Register is reporting for a update that:

Regular visitors might have noticed all the construction happening near the parking structure, and on both sides of the ESPN Zone. New tents, metal detectors and fencing have appeared for these security screening areas. Once the new checkpoints are in use, the current westside security screening area will be dismantled, making it easier for visitors to go from theme park to theme park, and into Downtown Disney.


New security screening areas near the ESPN Zone at Downtown Disney that are set in place and ready to open up tomorrow. Source: (©The Orange County Register)

This will make it much more easier and accessible to get inside the parks at Disneyland & Disney California Adventure and hopefully with the crowd float capacity too. For everything Disney and all other themed entertainment news, keep checking back here at


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