New Merchandise Items Released For Harry Potter Celebration At Universal Orlando Resort

Fellow witches and wizards! We are just a few short days out for this year’s Harry Potter Celebration at Universal Orlando Resort and like past celebrations new merchandise items are released for the fans who attend for the three day weekend unless your a Muggle of course.

From the Universal Orlando Blog in which items are only exclusive towards the weekend and expo and if your a hardcore fan that Chocolate Frog card collector items will be available too.

Here are which some of those items that will at this weekend’s celebration of what Harry Potter fans can expect:

New 2017 Harry Potter Celebration Merchandise exclusive items at selected areas for this weekend. Source: (©Universal Orlando Resort)

Also debuting at this year’s event will be a new Chocolate Frog Card featuring five-time consecutive Witch Weekly’s Most-Charming-Smile Award winner, Gilderoy Lockhart. A MUST-HAVE for Chocolate Frog Card collectors, the boxes will have a specific sticker indicating which contain the new card for two weeks. After those two weeks, they’ll become random like the other cards. You’ll be able to find the new Chocolate Frog Cards in the expo and both Sugarplum’s and Honeydukes.

For the more artistically-minded, make sure you check out the new art and displays from the graphic designers Miraphora Mina and Eduardo Lima, the creative design for this year’s event, new charms from the Lumos collection and more.

These items can be located by Soundstages 33 and 21 from Janurary 27th-29th for this year’s event and be sure to stay tuned towards for cover of the celebration this weekend and all things Universal!


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