Concept Art Rendering For Electrical Eel At SeaWorld San Diego With More Details

SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment, particularly at SeaWorld San Diego made a announcement back in January that they are bringing a new coaster towards the park called “Electric Eel” in 2018 and a new expansion called “Ocean Explorer” in late Spring of 2017. Details are minimum of what the new coaster is about but, you can read the press release about it here at the park.

In this artist concept rendering show down below you can get a sense of scale size of how large this coaster will be and from the looks of it that, it appears to be a shuttle loop coaster for it’s design from Premiere Rides Sky Rocket II. This coaster will be the tallest and fastest coaster through out the whole park once it officially opens up.


Artist Concept Rendering only for “Electric Eel” set to debut in 2018 at SeaWorld San Diego. Source: (©SeaWorld San Diego)

The opening time frame for this coaster is around May 2018 according towards Orcaaction with a booklet of it’s planned site for construction, top speed, ride height, track length and much more and the booklet can be read here to check out.

Also to note that SeaWorld animal lovers will have educational displays to be incorporated into the ride and about the ride’s namesake and to allow “guests to power a virtual deep sea drone through a marine environment while learning facts about animals”. This will be similar technology towards the Submarine Quest ride at the “Ocean Explorer” expansion.


Planned site for “Electric Eel” supposedly for the next and fastest coaster at the park. Source: (©SeaWorld San Diego)

Check out the teaser video for the coaster in case you missed it and the concept art renderings of what the new immersive environment will be like once it opens up in 2018. For everything SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment and all other themed entertainment news, keep checking back here at

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