SeaWorld San Diego Announces Electrical Eel Roller Coaster For 2018

As we are still getting settled in towards the new year of 2017 that started a couple days for what we can expect for exciting new attractions, parks, and expansions. Yesterday’s announcement made by SeaWorld Entertainment & Parks that a brand new roller coaster will be added towards the SeaWorld roller coaster family called “Electric Eel” at SeaWorld San Diego in Summer 2018.

The park is already on scheduled in opening a new expansion and a brand new nighttime entertainment including “Ocean Explorer” and “Electrical Ocean” that the announcement was made back in September 2016. This will be SeaWorld San Diego’s third coaster added towards the park along with the hybrid water coaster of Journey Into Atlantis and Manta.

Just like any other SeaWorld roller coaster that are all inspired by real life aquatic animals like the Mako hypercoaster at SeaWorld Orlando as a example. This roller coaster will make you feel like your in the hot seat of the electric eel and to feel like your part of this predator kind of animal. Marilyn Hannes the park’s president said in a official press release statement that:

Electric Eel will bring a whole new level of excitement to SeaWorld in 2018,” said SeaWorld San Diego President Marilyn Hannes. “This new, first-of-its-kind coaster at SeaWorld will give riders the rare opportunity to feel what it’s like to move like an eel as they twist and flip along nearly 900 feet of undulating track.”



Artist Concept Only. Source: (©SeaWorld Entertainment & Parks)

Guests will be skyrocketing in the air nearly 150 feet at speed of 60 miles per hour seconds and transitioning towards a inverted “heartline roll”. Riders will able to see to see a upside-down view of Mission Bay with loops and twists before being docked towards the train station. The coaster will be built around the new “Ocean Explorer” expansion and Journey Towards Atlantis coaster too. More information can be founded on SeaWorld San Diego’s official site and ticket sales too.

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