Universal Creative President Mark Woodbury Takes A Tour With Jimmy Fallon’s Ride

It has has been a long road for The Tonight Show host, Jimmy Fallon when originally he pitched his ideas for a ride at the Universal Orlando Resort in which the first time didn’t work out. Flash forward couple years later in which it became a reality between himself and Universal Creative Entertainment in which officially opens up tomorrow at the resort.


Jimmy Fallon reacts and laughing towards The Tonight Show mascot of hashtag the Panda. Source: (©Universal Orlando Resort)

From a replicated look of the iconic 30 Rock Plaza building facade in New York City towards hashtag the panda and fan favorite segments from the The Tonight Show and it has been a long creative process to bring Jimmy’s ride to life.

Yesterday Jimmy Fallon took a tour with President and Vice Chairman of Universal Creative Entertainment and Universal Parks & Resorts, Mark Woodbury in which you can clearly see of how much Jimmy couldn’t contain his excitement for his ride.

In case your not familiar with “Race Through New York Staring Jimmy Fallon” in which was a collaboration between him and Industrial Light & Magic under the network where The Tonight Show comes from of NBCUniversal. Taking a race and tour from New York City, the moon, interactive pizza smells, and in the East River in which can explained in the video down below.

Jimmy Fallon’s ride officially opens up tomorrow on April, 6th, 2017 and for everything Universal and all other themed entertainment news, keep checking back here at SkywalkingAdventure.com



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