Possible New Map Projection Pre-Show “Disney’s Movie Magic” Coming Towards Disney’s Hollywood Studios

I have covered some really really late night stories for the Disney Parks & Resorts but, this story just got really interesting itself. I was laying in bed watching some TV and caught a replay of two friends of mine that I know on the live streaming platform of Periscope before hitting the sack.

Two periscopers by the name of Gijs and Chris were hanging out at their hotel resort and over heard some brand new audio that wasn’t familiar towards other guests of a possibility of a brand new show that Disney is currently developing in the works right now. It isn’t clear or unsure how long Disney has been keeping this under the radar but, this is just speculation as a rumored guess.

This will be located at Disney’s Hollywood Studios for this new show called “Disney’s Movie Magic” that will be a pre-show before Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular that is something similar towards “Once Upon A Time” at the Magic Kingdom. This is what they overheard shown down below:


No map projections, lasers, or fireworks were be tested just a ongoing loop of clips from famous cinematic scores that the two gentleman overheard and witness themselves that was being played at Hollywood Studios. The park was closed down and there was no after hours or private event party for guests that were currently present.

You can catch their full replay of their Periscope here, and hopefully Disney will make a official announcement coming soon for the Walt Disney World Resort! Suggestion to wear headphones so it makes it easier to listen towards the audio closely from their own observations 

This story is in currently in development and credit is towards Gijs and Chris and great capture guys! For everything Disney and all other themed entertainment news, keep checking back here at SkywalkingAdventure.com




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