Virtual Reality Unleashes For Kraken At SeaWorld Orlando

SeaWorld invited some of the media to get a chance to preview one of their oldest coasters for Kraken Unleashed virtual reality at SeaWorld Orlando today. Tomorrow will the be official re-opening and the company is jumping on board with it’s virtual queuing system that will be much like Race Through New York at the Universal Orlando Resort for a return time.

Guests can get a return time and do something else in the park and get notified when their wait time is up. SeaWorld will be calling it their “Spot Saver” and it’ll be accessible through a mobile site, app, or at closest kiosks near Kraken or anywhere else in the park.

The virtual queue system is being installed for Kraken Unleashed due, towards the fact it takes a longer loading and unloading process and the headsets for the VR need to be sterilized after each time of use and adjustments too. A SeaWorld spokeswoman said on Thursday, that this system should be operational within a few days and may have soft openings depending on weather conditions.

The headsets are free of charge and the use the “Spot Saver” intends to keep the loading station while team members adjust and clean off the headsets. SeaWorld already offers a paid, front-of-the-line option called “Quick Queue” which is offered on their other coasters for Mako and Manta and other attractions. You have the option to ride Kraken like you would naturally but,  you would still have the utilize the “Spot Saver” system since the company is pushing the use of it.


If you just need a quick recap of the story of when your riding Kraken Unleashed, here’s how SeaWorld describes it:

The completely immersive experience takes riders on an exploratory journey under the sea. As they sail along the powerful coaster track – complete with deep dives, steep turns, and seven complete inversions – a fully integrated story unfolds. The result is a fantastical voyage past gigantic sea monsters and an unexpected, unforgettable encounter with the legendary Kraken sea monster.” 

It isn’t still quite sure or how long SeaWorld wants to keep pushing the realms of virtual reality technology for their parks and the revamped Kraken Unleashed is up to par from the reception it’s been getting back from media folks. Will you journey through the deep blue and seeing the Kraken Unleashed?

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Sources: Orlando Sentinel and Orlando Informer 



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