Disneyland’s Adventureland Being Renovated To Help Crowd Control Flow

In the coming weeks at the Disneyland Resort for Adventureland should ease up the tension of crowd congestion and help better navigate the flow for the park’s guests. Officials of the park already confirmed plans to close up two shops, relocating another one, and create a indoor dining space for the Bengal Barbecue quick service restaurant to make it much for easier for guests.


Disneyland locals who frequently visit the park and have known for quite a while that between Indiana Jones and The Temple of The Forbidden Eye’s entrance and the restaurant is a bit of hassle to get too no matter what day it is. Strollers like at any Disney park always seem to be a issue in the middle of walkway and not making guests happy about it that creates a bottleneck for them.

Here are some of the dates to be noted to help ease up the congestion for the park at Adventureland. The Indiana Jones Adventure Outpost and South Traders shops both located near the restaurant are set to close this upcoming Monday, June 12th, 2017 to begin a conversion of a indoor seating area and will be air conditioned too.


Another project of the Tropical Imports shop is set to close on Thursday, June 29th, 2017 that sells fresh fruit and a mix variety of drinks that is located near the exit of the Jungle Cruise. This will move into a space adjacent towards the Bengal Barbecue and this will vacate the stroller parking area, moving it out of the middle of the walkway. Also plans to remove a planter near the barbecue to help the crowd flow.

“The restaurant has long been popular with visitors and there is frequently a line to order the skewers. But its location across from the Indiana Jones attraction has long been a choke point for crowds that also has to make their way around the entrance to the Tarzan’s Treehouse attraction to get to New Orleans Square and points beyond.”


Plans for the barbecue restaurant and the area that surrounds it to remain open, in which the project is expected to be completed at the end of June. This is also a possible reason with the return of Fantasmic! returning and being upgraded and all the other classical attractions like the Mark Twain Riverboat, The Disneyland Railroad, and the Tom Sawyer canoes for the crowd levels as well.

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Source: OCRegister



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