Gondola Station Construction Walls Pop Up On The International Gateway Lawn

Confirmed reports earlier this year by the Orlando Sentinel of documents obtained from the Reedy Creek Improvement District in which the return of the gondolas are being installed at the Walt Disney World Resort. Even though Disney has avoided around the claim of saying “We are always looking to explore new transportation options that will make the resort experience even more magical for guests. We’re excited about our future plans on this front and look forward to sharing details at a later date.”  

Fast forward two months later and here’s what we’ve learned about the gondolas coming down the pipeline for more of a modernized and update mode of transportation for the Walt Disney World Resort.

Today in which construction walls have popped up next to the International Gateway entrance at Epcot for the gondola station around the perimeter and this doesn’t affect the actual guest area, boat transportation, or ticket booths. Just a recap that this will connect between Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Caribbean Beach Resort, and Pop Century resorts for the system and stations.

Check out the following photos and credit all from blogmickey.com down below of the construction walls:



Also a satellite view of the indicated area in “blue” for one of the gondola stations:


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