Siemens Ends Sponsorship For Epcot At Walt Disney World

As we’ve been hearing a lot of rumor mill news about the Epcot overhaul and just calm before the storm and just right before the D23 Expo in a couple weeks next month in July, in which reports of Spaceship Earth just ended their sponsorship with Siemens at Epcot at the Walt Disney World Resort.

The source comes from a employee who works for Siemens on her Twitter account from this morning in which she received a email about it. Siemens is the sponsor also of the popular nighttime showing of “Illuminations: Reflections of Earth” since the show’s debut in 1999. The contract between the two companies was established in 2005 as 12-year strategic alliance in bringing global technology and infrastructure company for the leading multi-media and family entertainment of The Walt Disney Company.

From Siemens official site and Eric. A. Spiegel, President & CEO, Siemens USA statement about the relationship between the companies:

“Siemens is proud of its multi-year alliance with perhaps one of the most iconic American brands ever—Disney. Our ongoing alliance with the Walt Disney Company has shown that our two companies are committed to innovation and has offered us the ideal opportunity to demonstrate how Siemens’ cutting-edge solutions and services are making a difference at the company generations of Americans have come to know as the place where dreams come true.”  

It’s not clear and no confirmation yet, of this will be a chain series of events of Epcot’s attractions concluding their sponsorship’s like “Mission: Space” with NASA or “Test Track” under Chevy (technically under General Motors) since Epcot overhaul news is popping up in small amounts. Disney hasn’t official made a statement yet for the confirmation about ending the contract with Siemens since the only source so far is from a employee.



This is also a possible rumor and has been known if Illuminations will be going away even though word hasn’t been official about it yet. The Epcot overhaul announcement was made by Disney Parks & Resorts, Chairman Bob Chapek at the Destination D23 event last year in November about the news.

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