Augmented And Virtual Reality Patent Filed By Universal

Interactive media these days of both virtual and augmented reality, depending on your preference seems to be a popular trend of use in the theme park environment world. We have seen virtual reality on roller coasters such as the recently opened Kraken Unleashed at SeaWorld Orlando and also in many consumer media products like gaming.

Back in August 2014 a patent was filed by Universal City Studios LLC, which is a division part of Universal Parks & Resorts that was issued towards the United States Patent and Trademark Office that was filed yesterday. This may seem a possibility that Universal will use this for their future attractions of both augmented and virtual reality as which likely the candidate here is for Nintendo.

“Systems and methods for generating augmented and virtual reality images,” which the patent is entitled that describes a system in which guests wear electronic goggles “configured to generate streaming media of a real world environment,” “generate one or more virtual augmentations superimposed on the streaming media of the real world environment,” and transmit the streaming media of the real world environment along with the virtual augmentations on the display of the goggles.

Universal describes the system for a way of providing “enchanted thrill factors” to traditional rides and explaining several examples of the system’s technology.

“In one embodiment, a ride system includes at least one ride vehicle . . . configured to receive a ride passenger.” The ride system includes electronic goggles for passengers to wear (as previously described). These goggles are equipped with a camera (the camera will be used to help display images of a real-world environment) and a display. In addition to this, the system includes a computer system communicatively coupled to the goggles to generate virtual augmentations in conjunction with the video captured from the goggles, which will then be used to show to guests wearing the electronic goggles.” 



“Universal mentions in the patent that the use of electronic goggles and a graphics generation system not only enhances the thrill factor of an attraction but also “the experience of the ride passengers.” “By providing the electronic goggles as [augmented reality/virtual reality] eyeglasses, as opposed to . . . traditional head-mounted displays, the ride passengers may be provided with greater freedom of movement, as well as a more photorealistic experience.”

This patent however does not reveal of what kind attraction or IP it is but, this could be quite possible for this kind of augmented reality technology for Nintendo’s Mario Kart attraction for their parks and also can be used for roller coasters as well. Universal has not confirmed if this system that will be used in any upcoming projects for their parks and this patent may seem like a stronger contender since Nintendo will be opening up around the Tokyo Summer Games in 2020.

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Source: World of Universal


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