Captain America Shield Throwing Experience Possibly Coming Towards The Disney Parks

It’s no surprise that Marvel and Disney are certainly coming up new ways for attractions and experiences for their guests that are hooked in towards the Marvel Universe and cinematic universe. If your a fan of one of your favorite Avengers in the red, white, and blue of Captain America aka “Steve Rogers” well here’s some exciting news that could be a possible experience coming, towards the Disney Parks.

According towards Disney, a patent application filed by them of a shield throwing experience in which will allow guests to make a throwing motion with their arm and the shield will slide down a rail. This won’t detach from the arm piece and which a virtual component will kick in to simulate a shield traveling in the direction of the user’s path of flight from the shield. Shown down in the image to below from the description.




If the thrower hits the target correctly, a “boomerang” effect will bounce back at them and different targets will be at certain degree angles to make it more difficult for the user. This sounds like a similar concept towards a virtual game for the Disney Parks of Toy Story Mania!, at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Disney California Adventure and will award guests for their skill and racking up the highest score.

The patent also mentions of physical targets maybe part of the attraction as well from the following it states, “In one embodiment, the throwing apparatus is a toy device that permits the user to play the role of a superhero who uses the projectile to attack virtual or physical targets (e.g., toys) or defend against attacks from the targets or other players in an immersive storytelling environment.”


As this may sound exciting as it is, it’s still unclear of this will be joining the rumored Marvel expansion next towards the recently opened Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout! at Disney California Adventure park. The park right is on going with their “Summer of Heroes” seasonal event from meet and greet characters such as Spider-Man, Black Widow, Hawkeye from The Avengers Groot and other members of the Guardians of the Galaxy to meet with guests.

Since the Walt Disney World resort is restricted on certain Marvel properties, that this seems like the perfect location in California since Captain America is part of The Avengers and only certain characters are allowed between both coasts. For now this is just rumor and speculation and if this was being developed right now, it could be a fair chance or not this will be officially announced at the D23 Expo next month in Anaheim, California.

You can check out the full patent and descriptions here, and for everything Disney Parks & Resorts and all other themed entertainment news, keep checking back here at



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