Secret Life Of Pets Attraction Rumored To Replace Soundstages 22-25 At Universal Studios Hollywood

Note: This is all just rumor and speculation, nothing is confirmed until the official outlet for Universal Studios Hollywood confirms it. 

Illumination Entertainment, Universal Pictures animation hit of the “Secret Life of Pets” has been taking notice of being adapted in towards a attraction and is being reported of over taking the Soundstages of 22-25 at Universal Studios Hollywood. The studio lot map on official site was noticed of being updated; with the area of the Soundstage numbers of 22, 23, 24, and 25. The project number “P168” is being speculated for the “Secret of Life Pets” attraction.


Soundstages 22-25 were recently demolished last year in March in the Universal Lower Lot and it’s been rumored for some time now in which Illumination Entertainment’s IP would be coming towards the Universal Studios park. NBCUniversal/Comcast’s CEO, Steve Burke “somewhat” confirmed during a investors and shareholders meeting with analysts last summer:

“We are doing — we have started a ‘Pets’ Attraction even before the film comes out, which if the film doesn’t do as well as I think, it will be painful,” he said. “But I think it will do very well.”

This story is still in development and details will be updated if Universal decides to release more information about this rumored attraction. It’s also quite possible if Universal decided to use the project number for another project but, it seems undoubtedly unlikely.

It’s also to take note that if Universal decides to built a “Secret of Life Pets” attraction it will be likely to align with the sequel release of the film that got bumped up from a 2018 release towards July 3rd, 2019 as a placeholder date.

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Source: InsideUniversal


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