Blumhouse Productions Unleashes Their Horror Film Catalog For Halloween Horror Nights 27

One of the most known and respected names in the horror film genre of Jason Blume as the owner and CEO of his own production studio of Blumhouse Productions is bringing something brand new towards the table for Halloween Horror Nights fans at Universal Parks and Resorts. Blumhouse is known for major blockbuster franchises ranging from “The Purge”, Insidious, “Sinster”, Paranormal Activity, the recent release of “Get Out” and many more for fans of these beloved film franchises.

Jason Blume delivered the news today and that at both the Universal Orlando Resort and Universal Studios Hollywood will be a new horror and immersive experience for this year’s Halloween Horror Nights 27 called “Horrors of Blumhouse”. Both these mazes and houses will be a mashup to feature some of the most known scenes from this catalog that Blumhouse is bringing towards this horrifying experience and some familiar characters that will lurk within the darkness.


So here’s the breakdown of what you expect at both Universal Orlando Resort and Universal Studios Hollywood for “Horrors of Blumhouse” and the films that be used on both coasts.

For Universal Orlando will be “Sinster”, “The Purge”, and the Insidious franchise (including the upcoming release of the 4th film) to be released for January 2018. Universal Studios Hollywood just announced yesterday in which Insidious will be a standalone house while their “Horrors of Blumhouse” will be “Sinster”, “Happy Death Day” (that will be released this upcoming Friday the 13th in October), and “The Purge”.

Jason Blum as the founder of his own production company and dating back towards the first Paranormal Activity film (2007) and which most of these popular blockbuster horror films have topped out in grossing $3 billion dollars worldwide towards this date.

“Blumhouse Productions is responsible for producing some of the creepiest movies over the last two decades. There is a wealth of content to use and we’re packing every inch of the house with something invasive, something wicked, and something that wants our souls…something altogether Blumhouse.”

“The advantage to creating a house with multiple properties living inside its decaying walls is each scene is a completely different world. What tie the scenes together are the otherworldly themes that run in all of the films. The characters that roam the house are terrifying yet gorgeous in design. From Bughuul (Mr. Boogie) and to the Red Faced Demon, you’ll get the chance to see them face-to-face. We’re ripping the most terrifying scenes out the creepiest movies from the Blumhouse vault and dropping you into the middle of the action.”

As a reminder in which Universal Studios Hollywood’s line up is now officially completed and while Universal Orlando Resort still has 4 more houses to announce to complete their line up. Chances or not for Orlando as well if the upcharge house from last year of “The Repository” for making a comeback if their marketing teams decide to announce it as inner speculation here.

Check out the announcement videos down below for Orlando and Hollywood for this year’s Halloween Horror Nights 27 and for everything Universal Parks & Resorts and all other themed entertainment news, keep checking back here at


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Source: Universal Orlando Resort


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