The Final Four Original Houses Announced At This Year’s Halloween Horror Nights For Universal Orlando

The flood gates have been officially opened up and the final lap towards the finish line as Universal Orlando Resort has been finally completed for their final 4 original house announcements. Fans of the event for this year’s Halloween Horror Nights were begging for announcements since this year’s line up has been drastically slow and wanting more from the uber popular Halloween/Horror event. Now to round up the full line up for this year’s event in which is a 5 to 4 split for Universal Orlando. 5 intellectual property houses, 4 original houses, six scare zones (two of them being intellectual properties), and two stage shows for live entertainment.

Universal’s Creative teams for the Art/Design department have been hard at work in creating more original content that fans that love and scream their lungs out for this massive event. Universal is currently thinking about next year in what they want next on their shopping and want list to set the bar higher and higher to bring the best IPs from the horror genre of film and television. No mention of what Universal is currently thinking of right now but, let’s just leave it towards their fans of what they want and demand from the resort.

Earlier today in which Arthur Levine, Special for USA TODAY got exclusive access look for the 4 original houses at Universal Orlando with Michael Aiello, Sr. Director of Entertainment Creative for Universal Orlando Resort and Charles Gray, Writer and Show Director for Halloween Horror Nights. The name of the 4 houses will be called: The Hive, Dead Waters, Scarecrow: The Reaping, and The Fallen.

Now let’s dive in towards in the inner insanity and wicked minds that Universal Creative has come together for this year’s Halloween Horror Nights 27:

The Fallen


“It’s the ancient battle between good and evil. The Fallen are flying, jumping, and crawling up from the kingdom of darkness and laying waste to all who cross their path of destruction. These creatures are awesome…and yes, I did say flying. This house is a mix between beauty and decay, high screech and deep roar, and delivers more surprises than I can fit in this paragraph.”




“We’re huge fans of those little-known 1980s horror movies, and we wanted to make you feel as if you’re in those movies. The story takes everything that is sexy, beautiful or cool about vampires and flushes it down the toilet. These Nosferatu are nasty, animalistic, and vicious. It’s the type of house that will make you cling to your date all the way to the exit…if you make it that far.”


Scarecrow: The Reaping


“Since the great dustbowl, an abandoned farmhouse stands in Nebraska. The bountiful fields ravaged by the farmers’ plows have spurred anger in the Land. Scarecrow guardians have risen from the blood soaked soil to seek revenge. The harvest that will be reaped this season is you.”


Dead Waters


“We’re excited to have you explore the Dead Waters of the Voodoo Queen and her hellish realm. Trust me…you’ll freak out when you see the half sunken riverboat and the skeletal remains of her victims close in.”


Check out the photo gallery below from the exclusive access with USA Today and Universal Orlando for the 4 original houses for the event this year.

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Halloween Horror Nights 27 kicks off in 2 weeks from today at Universal Orlando Resort, starting on September 15th-November 4th, 2017 as a record breaking 34 selected nights for the whole season. To purchase your tickets of your choice by visiting Halloween Horror Nights’ official site of what selected nights you want to attend the event, and screaming your voice off till you have none no more.

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Source: Universal Orlando Resort with USA Today


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