Universal Orlando Welcomes Christmas At The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter

Starting this weekend at the Universal Orlando Resort for The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, rings in for its first Christmas celebration for fellow witches and wizards that are highly anticipating this seasonal event. Senior Director of Creative Development and Entertainment, Mike Aiello and many of the other teams at Universal have been hard at work in making this dream come true from the imaginative world from J.K Rowling.

Universal officially announced some exciting details yesterday of what to expect this holiday season for some cheerful magic for fellow Harry Potter fans from the following.

To begin with, in which the main star of the event at the Hogsmead Village at Universal’s Islands of Adventure will be latest in state-of-the-art map projection technology for a new show called “The Magic of Christmas at Hogwarts Castle” that will transform Hogswarts Castle in towards the festive holiday celebration.

“A spell will be cast on Hogwarts Castle, illuminating it in festive décor, candlelight and moments inspired by the films.

Imagine seeing the ghosts of Hogwarts singing carols, students riding broomsticks and creating snowmen, a moment inspired by the Yule Ball and many more surprises.

This experience is available multiple times throughout the evening, with later shows providing the best viewing experience.”

This map projection show will be much like towards Universal Orlando’s sister park for Universal Studios Hollywood that debuted earlier this year of the map projection technology of their show of the four houses of Hogswarts but, for Orlando will just decorated and themed towards the holidays at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.


Hogwarts Castle at Universal’s Islands of Adventure will illuminate in beautiful map projection technology by Christie Digital Systems for the holidays. Source: (©Universal Orlando Resort) 

Next up is the Frog Choir that are always around in the Hogsmead Village and students from the four houses will be performing a brand-new collection of holiday melodies.

  • “Christmas at Hogwarts” – This wizarding carol casts a Christmas spell that echoes through the halls of Hogwarts.
  • “We Wish You A Merry Christmas” – The choir will bring a new and festive life to this classic holiday song.
  • “The Most Magical Yule Ball of All” – Hosting the TriWizard Tournament also brings with it a magical event known as the Yule Ball. This song captures all the magic, elegance and wonder of this very special night.
  • “I Cast a Spell On Father Christmas” – This fun song is a cautionary tale asking young wizards to be sure of the incantation before casting a spell.


The famous Celestina Warbeck and her Banshees and by taking the Hogswarts Express towards Universal Studios’ Diagon Alley to see her perform with even more Christmas songs! Celestina has four new tunes from her holiday album, Nothin’ Like A Holiday Spell with hits like:

  • “Nothing Like a Holiday Spell” – There are many spells and charms in the wizarding world. But during this time of year, conjuring warm feelings of yuletide cheer is the most magical spell of all.
  • “Accio Christmas” – This calypso inspired song officially brings a Christmas rhythm of the islands to the British Isles.
  • “My Baby Gave Me a Hippogriff for Christmas” – Have you ever received a gift that wasn’t exactly what you were expecting? This song describes one such moment our singing sorceress experienced.
  • “A Witch and Wizard’s Wintry Wondrous Land” – This classic wizarding carol shows there’s nothing more lovely than sharing the Christmas season with family friends—and of course Celestina’s fans.


Celestina Warbeck and her Banshees will hit the stage for some brand new magical and holiday festive songs to sing and dance along with at Universal Studios’ Diagon Alley. Source: (©Universal Orlando Resort)

As mention earlier for Universal Orlando’s counter park for Universal Studios Hollywood in which they will receive the same Christmas treatment of the festive decor, the frog choir, and ending the magical day with The Magic of Christmas at Hogwarts Castle show. For anyone visiting the Universal Parks & Resorts and want to chime in for the details of what they can expect at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter can read details about it here.

The holiday celebration is just a few short days away starting on November 18th-Janurary 6th, 2018 and you can grab your tickets with a comforting hot butterbeer by visiting here!

For everything Universal Parks & Resorts and all other themed entertainment news, keep checking back here at SkywalkingAdventure.com

Source: Universal Orlando Resort





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