Swashbucklering Guests Can Visit The Redhead One More Before The Refurbishment At Disneyland

Throughout the Disney Parks worldwide and where it first started it all at Disneyland in Anaheim, California in which where some of the most beloved and classic Disney attractions was built for the park that were original ideas. One of those original ideas before it was adapted towards the big screen and is in regards towards the cult following and massive popular attraction of swashbuckling pirates of Pirates of the Caribbean that opened up on March 18, 1967.

Pirates of the Caribbean - 0087

As many long time fans of these classic attractions and when news first broke out in which Disney was going change-up of one pop culture’s most beloved and iconic characters of “The Redhead”, it brought up a huge uproar within the Disney community and controversial debates about the subject. Recently in which Walt Disney World closed down their Pirates of Caribbean for a time being refurbishment and subject to open up some point this month at the Magic Kingdom in Orlando, Florida.

Now today in which Disney officially announced for where it started at Disneyland for Pirates of the Caribbean and will alternating the iconic “The Redhead” scene starting next month on April 23rd, 2018. Devoted fans of the attraction recognize the iconic dialogue line from the auctioneer pirate of saying: “We wants the Redhead!, we wants the Redhead” and isn’t for certain if that line still be part of the attraction or changed towards something a different dialogue line.


The new alternated scene of “The Redhead” will be assisting the pirates for the loot for the updated version. Source: (©Disney) 

The scene will be changed of “The Redhead” of no longer being sold off for auction as a bride and will be now assisting the pirates of taking the loot away from the locals instead. A Disney spokeswoman confirmed Tuesday that “the changeover will take place beginning on April 23, but she couldn’t say what other repairs or revamps might take place at the same time”.  No official reopening date for the attraction but, reports are saying by June 7, 2018.

Overseas at Disneyland Paris has already gotten the scene changed of “The Redhead” with an amazing special effects of Captain Barbossa that is only exclusive for their Pirates of the Caribbean.

As many feel like that long traditional Disney attractions shouldn’t be broken and many are entitled to agree or disagree with the topic but, nothing is sacred at the parks and should not be considered as a museum even for pirates and this hasn’t been the first change for the attraction and attractions in general. The topic became a subject of conversation during last’s year D23 Expo event for the 50th anniversary of Pirates of the Caribbean and when fans “booed” the panel even with Disney Legend, Marty Sklar before his passing and addressed the crowd for the talk of why the change was happening.

For anyone visiting or is local near the Disneyland Resort, now’s is your chance to visit classic attraction at New Orleans Square before the refurbishment begins on April 23rd, 2018. For everything Disney Parks & Resorts and all other themed entertainment news, keep checking back here at SkywalkingAdventure.com

Source: Orange County Register


Walt Disney World’s Last Day before “The Redhead” change over for Pirates of the Caribbean:  


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