Marvel Officially Takes Over At Selected Disney Parks Worldwide For Themed Areas

Coming towards selected Disney Parks worldwide at the Disneyland Resort, Disneyland Paris, and Hong Kong Disneyland will allow their guests to enter the universal world of Marvel of their favorite super heroes and adventures to be part of their stories.

Disney’s partnership with Marvel Studios that have shattered box office records throughout the Marvel Cinematic Universe for the past 10 years now and also with Marvel Themed Entertainment will add these newly addition expansions for Disney Parks worldwide. Now let’s dive into towards these announcements and what Disney and Marvel have to offer!


Now starting with the Disneyland Resort and this is where has been heavily rumored for quite a while that a Marvel themed expansion that was first teased with The Avengers logo hatch near the Guardians of The Galaxy: Mission Breakout! attraction that replaced The Twilight Zone Hollywood Tower of Terror last year in May. Numerous sites were thinking that this was some sort of teaser that Disney and Marvel were planning for an upcoming Marvel expansion at Disney California Adventure later down the road.

However though, clear out those rumors and speculation because the details are officially confirmed by Disney and Marvel for a Marvel themed expansion is coming towards the Disneyland Resort! The Guardians of the Galaxy were just the start for the park and will now be joined by Spider-Man and the Avengers that will be a Super Hero immersive universe to continue to evolve Disney California Adventure. As stated from previous reports  were stating that the Marvel expansion would consume and take over ” a bug’s land” and “It’s Tough to Be a Bug!’ that just closed yesterday.

Disney has officially stated that rest of the land will close this late summer to make room for rest of the Marvel take over and will be adjacent towards Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout! The Disneyland Resort will be begin recurting guests by 2020, just one year after Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

Now it is quite possible or not if Disney is going to be building a Spider-Man attraction based on the patents that were released last year in October as “track-based swing ride with long pendulum” for Disneyland since Walt Disney World isn’t allowed access for Marvel character use because of the contract agreement between Marvel and Universal in Central Florida at their theme parks.

Another attraction or experience could be the Captain America shield throwing experience also released from the patents released from last year in June that could be also used for the Marvel expansion or not. This will allow guests to use Cap’s shield attached towards a rail that users can slide on towards their forearms and making a throwing motion with their arm, that the shield slides down the rail.

Keep in mind that none of these attractions or experiences are confirmed and just based off what it can look like if it became real for Disney and Marvel to approve on them for the final concept.

Just to recap for this Marvel expansion coming towards Disneyland California Adventure that was once rumored and now confirmed, check out Jack Kendall’s video from DSNY Newscast from last year in July that explains everything.



Disneyland Paris announced recently last month as part of a multi-year expansion for their Marvel expansion at Walt Disney Studios Park and will include an re-imagined attraction where you can meet up with Iron Man and the Avengers through a high-speed adventure opening up in 2020. This will also host the “Marvel Summer of Super Heroes” event starting this summer starting this June 10-September 30. Disney California Adventure first started the “Summer of Heroes” event last year and now will migrate towards Disneyland Paris this year. Guests favorite heroes will take the stage for a brand new, live-action super-production featuring cutting-edge special effects and spectacular projections.



Artist Concept Only for the new Iron Man attraction coming towards the Marvel expansion at Disneyland Paris. Source: (©Disney)


Finally for the last Disney Park worldwide over at Hong Kong Disneyland as also of their multi-year expansion and which plans are underway for their Marvel expansion and a new attraction based on Ant-Man & The Wasp with more details announced during D23 Expo Japan. The previous attraction that opened up last year for the Iron Man Experience that is similar towards another fan favorite of Star Tours and is among of the resort’s popular attractions.




Artist Concept Only for Ant-Man & The Wasp coming towards the Marvel expansion at Hong Kong Disneyland. Source: (©Disney) 

Check out the teaser trailer down below for the Marvel take over for the Disney Parks worldwide and for everything Disney Parks & Resorts and all other themed entertainment news, be sure check out


Source: Disney


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