Mickey Mouse Meet And Greet At The Town Square Theater Is Now Officially Silent

This might be an upsetting time for Disney fans right about now, as we have learned that now the highly popular Mickey Mouse Meet and Greet at the Town Square Theater on Main Street USA at the Magic Kingdom has now officially become silent.

As reports were indicating earlier this year of this change and due so towards some factors such as; maintenance for cost production, confusion for other non-talking Mickey Mouse Meet and Greets for guests based on character interaction, or change of Disney leadership for this decision.


Source: (©Disney)

The talking Mickey Mouse technology debuted in 2010 at Disneyland first before making its grand debut at Walt Disney World in 2013 at the Town Square Theater and guests interact with Mickey Mouse and doing magic tricks since he is a Magician. Disney doesn’t disclose of how the talking Mickey mechanics work out but, it’s still quite impressive of how the technology has been upgrade from the traditional-static Mickey Mouse towards the speech and movement of the classic Mickey Mouse that everyone knows about.

Disney has not officially released a statement or comment on the subject matter but, cast members from this morning at the park and saying tomorrow is the last official day before Mickey Mouse goes back towards its static and non-talking role.

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Source: BlogMickey


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