Disney Welcomes Female Performers For The Green Army Patrol At Toy Story Land

Suit up solider!, the “green little army men” from the “Toy Story” franchise will be now officially roaming around in Andy’s backyard for Toy Story Land. Male and female soldiers will, co-ed with each other as the expansion at Disney’s Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World opens up this Saturday towards the public as this gives guests more freedom to interact with the troops, even with “Sarge” himself too.


Co-ed male and female toy solider performers will be roaming around in Andy’s Backyard at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Source: (©Disney/Pixar)

Tom Vazzana, show director at Walt Disney World Resort added woman cause of how many brave woman serve in our Armed Forces all across the world and what they do for our country. He commented and said about the co-ed troops by saying:

“I don’t want them to ever walk away from something saying, ‘That was fun, but that could never be me,’ ” Vazzana said. “I don’t want barriers to why they could only watch and not do something if they wanted to.”

Guests will can play “Sarge Says” and also participate in an interactive boot camp, according to Disney. The Green Army Patrol will be in the same costumes as right from the “Toy Story” film franchise and what soldiers would normally do in the military.

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Source: CNN


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