Get A Behind The Scenes Look For Food And Beverages For Bar 17 Bistro At The Aventura Hotel At Universal Orlando

Sit back and relax as soon the newest hotel addition towards Universal Orlando is the upcoming Aventura Hotel that will open its doors towards the public on August 16th, 2018. Universal has come a long way for its construction process and being one of the state-of-the-art technologically advanced resorts on Universal property between the Cabana Bay Beach Resort and Lowe’s Sapphire Falls Hotel.

Today, in which Universal released some of the delicious food and beverage that guests can enjoy for Bar 17 Bistro on the 17th floor of this modern style type of hotel and will be featuring ceiling glass panels and giving you amazing views of Universal Orlando’s theme parks. Universal will be serving unique cocktails and delicious food options on small plates and trendy hot spots in cities, scattered across the world and Aventura will be a prime value resort.

Here’s what you can expect when you stay at the resort.



Source: (©Universal Orlando Resort)

Feeling in the mood for something refreshing and spicy? “The Firebird” is made with tequila, jalapeno, strawberry and cilantro – a refreshing cocktail with just the right amount of kick.


Source: (©Universal Orlando Resort) 

If you’re looking for something to cool off with, and try out the “Complex Frozen Drinks” (not made with pre-made mixes) with rum, matcha and lime or bourbon, maple and grapefruit.


Source: (©Universal Orlando Resort) 

The “Pineapple Tumeric Lemonade” is made for those who are not into non-alcoholic beverages and will be featured as a “mocktail” on the menu for a relaxing beverage and refreshing for the rooftop bar in Orlando.

Check out the other beverages down below for your drink beverage to try out.

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  • The salads are homegrown produce from the Florida region and are light, refreshing and citrus-inspired on the menu and are a guilt free indulgence
  • The Bao Buns that range from braised pork belly to lamb satay to tempura baby vegetables, including firecracker shrimp bao buns and are easy to share.
  • Finally, the Wagyu Beef Sliders that are gourmet burger sliders with locally-made brioche bun and French cheese. Topped off with horseradish mayo, gruyere cheese, roasted pepper chutney and watercress, served with a side of pomme frites.

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Source: (©Universal Orlando Resort) 


The Bar 17 Bistro will open up at 4:00 pm daily and reservations for booking reservations are now available for your stay at the resort and if you book a 4-night stay or longer, you’ll be eligible for free $50 hotel dining credit and can be used at the Bistro.

Aventura Hotel will open this August 16th at Universal Orlando Resort and for everything Universal Parks & Resorts and all other themed entertainment news, keep checking back here at

Source: Universal Orlando 


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