Disneyland Shows Plans For “Project Stardust” Of Sleeping Beauty Castle And More

What was just an idea by sitting on a bench in Griffin Park, California and thought of from the visionary man by the name of Walt Disney for creating an unique and different kind of theme park, after planning many years in development for making Disneyland a reality. Walt felt like he wanted to make a theme park that all families and friends can enjoy, while keeping a clean and prestigious park verses what other amusement parks were doing. When Disneyland first opened up, on opening day in July 1955 it was very successful but, also a disaster as problems happened on that day if you know you’re Disneyland Resort history.

Now flash forward towards present day and if you ever attended the Disneyland Resort, after 60 years later and the crown jewel of the whole park is Sleeping Beauty castle. The castle is the gateway towards Fantasyland and symbol of the park, after being named of a Disney heroine nearly four years before Sleeping Beauty debuted in her main title film in January 1959. Sleeping Beauty castle was way in development before Disneyland even opened up.

Disney Legend and Imagineering Artist, Herbert Ryman created and the illustration of the castle and has been updated to keep refreshed with it’s bright pascal colors. Today, Disney has officially announced is undergoing a refurbishment through the spring this year in preparation for the highly anticipated Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opening up this upcoming June.

Disney Legend and Imagineering Artist, Herb Ryman’s concept rendering of Sleeping Beauty castle before Disneyland’s opening in July 1955. Source: (©Disney)

Codename “Project Stardust” which is a reference from Star Wars: Rouge One about the Death Star plans (even though no Death Star plans won’t be part of Galaxy’s Edge) and this project will be a number of enchantments towards the Disneyland Resort.

Here’s what Disney had to say themselves about the project:

“To continue to deliver a world-class guest experience. The enhancements will range from overall beautification of the theme park to maxi­mizing guest comfort and access. When Project Stardust is complete, Disneyland park will remain the beloved icon and international treasure it is today, while preparing the theme park for its next phase of significant growth, starting with Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, where tradition meets a new frontier.”

Disney went on and also elaborated on a number of efforts are underway or completed. Take Main Street U.S.A. for example, where curbs are being enhanced with slow inclines to help improve access when guests first enter. Fantasyland got updated with reconfigured guest queues for the Matterhorn Bobsleds, “it’s a small world”, and Dumbo the Flying Elephant have improved guest access and comfort. The recently opened up, Tropical Hideaway in Adventureland welcomes travelers from all over the world in a brand new area, that was previously underutilized.

Locations for planters and outdoor vending carts throughout the Disneyland Resort park are being adjusted to make room for additional walking space and new, more efficient strollers. More seating will be made available in Disneyland than ever before, once Project Stardust is completed.

The Disneyland Resort will continue to carry the vision of Walt Disney, while preparing it for future generations. Disney Imagineer, Kim Irivine talks about the history and details of what guests can expect once Sleeping Beauty castle is restored back to it’s beautification in a video down below.

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Source: Disney


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