Disney Shares A First Hand Look Towards The Tropical Hideaway Opening Soon At The Disneyland Resort

Attention Skippers and guests! Business is opening soon for the upcoming Tropical Hideaway for this outpost in Adventureland at the Disneyland Resort. Travelers from all across the world can come towards this rest stop at this exotic marketplace, that is set along the waterfront near the Jungle Cruise attraction.


Source: (©Disney)

This is a perfect spot to sit back and relax between adventures and enjoy a Disney classic treat of the Dole Whip, even when the sun goes down and the tiki torches give it a different ambient atmosphere. To read about the backstory of the Tropical Hideaway can be read here for more about it.



Source: (©Disney)

Travelers can reach the Tropical Hideaway across its main bridge, through Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room or along “Skipper’s Walk”, that is a pathway leading from the Jungle Cruise’s loading dock.

Keep your eyes peeled for some details that can be located at the Hideaway, as the stars of the Enchanted Tiki Room live in small birdhouses that have a spot just labeled for them.


Source: (©Disney)

Fans of the Enchanted Tiki Room will notice a friendly resident from the attraction and this bird has packed her bags and spread her wings, Rosita the cockatoo as she waits for her boat to arrive and having some small talk with travelers from all over!

The trader’s market is packed with details in every nook and cranny and in which the Imagineers at Walt Disney Imagineering have paid homage towards the Tahitian Terrance during the 1960s at Disneyland and some similarities towards it.

Source: (©Disney)

No opening has been announced for the Tropical Hideaway at the Disneyland Resort and stayed tuned for more details, as it will soon be open up for business for travelers.

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