Concept Art Leaks For The Harry Potter Roller Coaster Coming To Universal Orlando

If you have been following the developments for “something magical” being built over at Islands of Adventure at Universal Orlando, you might of notice something taking over the former Dueling Dragons spot. A whole new attraction experience of a Harry Potter themed roller coaster is coming towards the resort later this year and the only question was, what is it going to be based off?

Well now, we can settle that debate to rest as apparently a “leaked” piece of concept art has surfaced online for the roller coaster. Keep in mind that there is very little amount of information we know in regarding this project, and Universal has been pretty tight-lipped about the project.

Posted this morning from Alicia Stella from OrlandoParkStop, and what she believes is an actual piece of concept art that was given to her from anonymous source. Even though this concept art can change in development by Universal Creative but, it gives us a pretty solid indication and depiction of how the roller coaster is going to be themed as. However though, this piece of concept art does align with the aerial images from @bioreconstruct and the images he has taken for the progression of this project and suggest to give him a follow.

Check out the concept art down below:


Our first hand look for the Harry Potter themed roller coaster coming towards Islands of Adventure. Source: (©OrlandoParkStop)

Not only we have this piece of concept art but, some names have been floating around in being the rumored official name for the roller coaster. Some of the names that been tossed around over the internet which are, “Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure” and now the talk is of shorting that title towards “Hagrid’s Magical Creatures“.


Source: (©Universal Orlando Resort)

The whole general idea behind this roller coaster is to be themed towards the Forbidden Forest within The Wizarding World and makes sense to have magical creatures and fans of the franchise will know that, Hagrid is a teacher and keeper of magical creatures.

Hagrid will be the main focus of the whole attraction and his iconic motorbike and sidecar, in which the coaster trains will be based off and manufactured by industry leading in roller coaster design, Intamin. Hagrid’s Hut will be left the same as it was part of the queue within Dueling Dragons but, origianlly was themed towards the Tri-Wizard Tournament, based off Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

So what magical creatures you will be encountering on this adventure in the Wizarding World? Well from what Alicia is reporting and fans will notice some of the obvious ones. From Buckbeat the Hippogriff, Fluffy the 3-headed dog (the gatekeeper of the Sorcerer’s Stone), and hopefully some other surprises that we don’t know of and Universal has in store. (Praying for the Whomping Willow tree).

Just keep in mind that the names, concept art, show elements have NOT BEEN CONFIRMED by Universal Orlando yet. The roller coaster is rumored to be opening up this Summer 2019. If you want a full breakdown of the concept art and the layout of the roller coaster and can click the link on the bottom below.

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