Wake Up With The Today Cafe Coming Towards Universal Orlando Resort

NBCUniversal’s longest running morning show and in which many of us wake up towards to start our day off for the “The TODAY Show” to catch up with the news. Coming this Spring 2019 at Universal Orlando, will be the TODAY Cafe that is replacing the former Beverly Hills Boulangerie.


Artist Concept Rendering for The TODAY Cafe officially coming towards Universal Orlando Resort. Source: (©Universal Orlando)

This cafe will make you feel like you’re at the studio in New York City at the Rockefeller Center and will be located inside of the park right near the golden arches and right across from the Universal Studios Store. Fans of “The TODAY Show” can see their favorite anchors on the TV screen from Al Roker, Kathie Lee Gifford, Carson Daly, and rest of the known anchors on the morning show.

Here’s what you can expect from Universal’s culinary team to start your day off at the parks.

Dining Atmosphere:

Vibrant orange awnings and large floor-to-ceiling windows will line the outside of the cafe, as well as outdoor seating meant to look like the TODAY plaza.

Inside, you will be able to step into the stage lighting and TODAY’s vibrant orange theming with a modern and sleek design. Plus, as you sit down and enjoy your cup of coffee and a bite to eat, you can catch up on top headlines from TODAY’s live broadcast.”

Food & Beverage:

The TODAY Cafe will serve up specialty coffee blend that is made exclusive for the venue and locally produced with a private label coffee. Enjoy handcrafted cappuccinos, espresso, lattes, iced coffee and more while chowing down on pastries, made fresh on-site daily. Healthy food options will be also served up as well such as; Avocado toast, organic acai bowl, as well with sandwiches and salads.


Start your day out right with specality coffee at the TODAY Cafe. Source: (©Universal Orlando)

One of the standout features on the TODAY Cafe will be seasonal dishes inspired by a TODAY personality. Later in the day, the park will be serving wine and beer on tap as well as tasty cheese platters for two.

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The TODAY Cafe will be opening up it’s doors on May 16th, 2019 near the front entrance of the park at Universal Orlando.

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Source: Universal Orlando


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